Innovative Technology for Both Fantasy Sports and Gambling

Get Out AHEAD™

Get Out AHEAD is a technology company that provides products and services for fantasy sports sites, casino sports books, and ADWs. Gambling has not changed much over the last century, but Get Out AHEAD intends to lead the way in innovation as new technologies make it possible to reinvent betting both online and off.

Place Your Bet

With Get Out AHEAD, you no longer have to wait until the end of playoffs, contests, etc. to win.
Get Out AHEAD has developed software that allows gamblers and fantasy sports players to sell all or part of their bet or entry to a third party while it’s live.

Liquidity for the Seller

The full or fractional selling of bets/entries/teams increases liquidity for the sellers. Buyers can purchase bets and entries that are in more attractive positions, or they can buy bets and entries at a discount if the odds of winning are worse than when the bet or entry was originally made.

Software Integration

The proprietary software integrates with a casino’s sports or race book or a fantasy sports platform, creating a closed virtual marketplace where anyone who has registered a casino wager or fantasy sports entry can upload all or a designated fraction of their live ticket for resale to anyone else in the same book or platform.



To facilitate an easier second-hand transaction, the software includes a proprietary pricing mechanism that has multiple patents pending. The determination of the price estimates may be based on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, current real-time odds, odds of the original wager, percentage of wager offered, and maximum payouts. This helps the seller set a realistic price quickly and allows buyers to better evaluate the ticket or entry they are considering buying.

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