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What happens when a gambler bets on his or her favorite team prior to the start of the season and that team has a miracle year…only to lose in the second or third round of the playoffs?

How about the professional gambler that wins the first four games of a 5 team parlay…The horse bettor that has won the first 5 legs of a Pick 6 and is alive going into the last race?

And let’s bring in the Sports Fantasy player that has a $100 entry into a daily tournament with one game remaining and some really good players still active.

What do each of these scenarios have in common?

First, every one of these situations happens thousands of times a day in both the gambling and the sports fantasy worlds. Second, each scenario can be and usually has an “all or nothing” outcome. Bets made, can’t be changed. Fantasy teams are set prior to the tournament.

The gambler or daily sports fantasy player currently has no option but to wait, hope and pray that the last element comes home.

As many of us know, the “all or nothing” scenario almost always leaves one with nothing but a “bad beat” story that ends with “I could have won…but what could I do?”

With Get Out AHEAD… Things Just Got Better!


We have bells and whistles!

  • Buyer notification of available wagers hitting the hedging exchange (according to the buyer’s preset financial range or sport).
  • Buyer and seller ticket value estimator using patented software to help estimate or set a high, medium, and/or low range ticket price. . What’s my bet worth right now? What’s a good range to ask for this ticket?
  • Multiple bidding procedures for the seller. E.g. EBay style, Firm Bid/First Offer Takes It format, and the Kwik Bid process for the seller with a time sensitive ticket E.g. horses.
  • Want to keep half or 80% of our wager/ticket and list the remainder? That’s an option on the hedging exchange. Maybe sell 20% more when the wager gets into an even more advantageous position! Create your own liquidity as you need it. A gambler without liquidity is a ‘railbird’.
  • Increased seller and buyer activity. Opportunity to buy into or sell out of wagers in advanced stages e.g. after the 3rd game of a 5 game parlay, after the 5th race of a Pick 6, a futures bet that looks great half way through the season.
  • Guaranteed and immediate payment. More liquidity is a chance for more wagers.
  • Auditing procedures in accordance with the specific gaming commissions. All iterations of the ticket are precisely monitored and will help users with tax implications.